Tom is New York’s Clean Energy Champion!
And that’s why he has our support!
Representative Reed is an advocate for accelerating clean energy to help New York.

Click below to see how Tom has worked across the aisle to pass clean energy legislation that creates jobs, protects the environment and makes America more secure through energy independence.
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Tom creates good paying American clean energy jobs

National Security

Tom is leading the way to energy independence

Bipartisan Approach

Tom puts New York first by working across the aisle

Clean and Healthy Environment

Tom fights to protect New York's natural beauty
ClearPath Supports Tom Reed
I’m Jay Faison, founder of ClearPath Action Fund, a clean energy organization and we support Tom Reed because he gets things done. I’ve never seen such a hard-working congressman do so much for clean energy and the environment in just two years. Tom cares.

He knows how our actions impact the generations of tomorrow, so he finds clean energy solutions today. He has the courage to fight through Washington gridlock because he believes it’s the right thing to do. Tom is a true clean energy champion for New York and for America.