National Security

Scott is driving America to energy independence

As a combat veteran, Scott is working to ensure veterans and their families are taken care of, our economy continues to improve and national security remains a top priority.

Scott recognizes that a smart approach to clean energy can boost our national security. He understands we can reduce our need for foreign oil by increasing domestic energy production. He also understands the need for the U.S. to lead in the global race to for clean energy technologies, from capturing the carbon emissions from power plants to inventing a better solar panel. If the U.S. fails to lead, others such as China and Russia will instead, which could have profound security implications.

Congressman Taylor believes in preparing our national infrastructure and military for the growing risk of sea level rise and it’s potentially significant impacts, especially in Norfolk and Hampton Roads.

Sea level rise poses a significant threat to coastal regions and communities, especially in the Hampton Roads region. Our district is home to the largest population of active duty and veterans in the nation, along with numerous DOD and Federal assets which are at risk from sea level rise.” – Scott Taylor

Scott believes it is critical that we ensure the safety and functionality of our military installations 365 days a year. That’s why he has engaged military leaders, speaking with the assistant secretary of defense for energy, installations, and environment about military demolitions, construction, and sea level rise in Hampton Roads.

My service as a Navy SEAL and state legislator have taught me patriotism, teamwork, and humility. As an Iraq war veteran and congressman I’ll fight for the men and women in our military.” – Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor is the clean energy champion that Hampton Roads needs, for its environment and for our national security.

ClearPath Supports Scott Taylor

I’m Jay Faison, founder of ClearPath Action Fund, a clean energy organization and we support Scott Taylor because he gets things done. I’ve never seen such a hard-working congressman fight so hard for clean energy and the environment in just two years. Scott cares.

He knows how our actions impact the generations of tomorrow, so he works towards finding clean energy solutions today. He has the courage to fight through Washington gridlock because he believes it’s the right thing to do. Scott is a true clean energy champion for Virginia and for America.