Bipartisan Approach

Scott works with both Democrats and Republicans

We have to do something about climate change. Whether you agree or disagree with how much man contributed, man didn’t contribute, nature contributed, nature didn’t contribute. It’s clearly an issue and we have to address it.” – Scott Taylor

Representative Taylor joined the Bipartisan Solutions Caucus to work towards common sense and bipartisan solutions to climate change.

Scott doesn’t just talk. He voted to boost clean energy innovation spending by $1 billion, and to boost research by $10 million to $41 million for critical clean energy technology that can store the power from solar, wind and nuclear power.

Representative Taylor also works with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to protect the natural beauty of Virginia’s shoreline, from the Assateague Island National Seashore to Virginia Beach.

Scott was a leading voice for Hampton Roads in the bipartisan effort opposing offshore oil drilling along Virginia’s coast. He also helped pass a bipartisan program that will include $73 million that will go towards the Chesapeake Bay Program, a regional partnership of federal, state, local, and academic organizations engaged in protecting and restoring the ecological health of the Chesapeake Bay, a region that currently provides natural benefits of at least $107.2 billion annually.

The Chesapeake Bay is the critical economic driver of our region, as well as a national treasure….. If we are going to safeguard the Chesapeake Bay for future generations, we must start by protecting it now.” – Scott Taylor

As the congressional representative for the people who live, work and serve in these communities I must listen to them….I do not support oil drilling off the Virginia coast.” – Scott Taylor

ClearPath Supports Scott Taylor

I’m Jay Faison, founder of ClearPath Action Fund, a clean energy organization and we support Scott Taylor because he gets things done. I’ve never seen such a hard-working congressman fight so hard for clean energy and the environment in just two years. Scott cares.

He knows how our actions impact the generations of tomorrow, so he works towards finding clean energy solutions today. He has the courage to fight through Washington gridlock because he believes it’s the right thing to do. Scott is a true clean energy champion for Virginia and for America.