Bipartisan Approach

Martha works with both Democrats and Republicans

Rep. McSally is a clean energy champion who puts Arizona before party politics. She’s willing to work across the aisle on important issues. That’s why she cast her bipartisan vote for a $20 million boost for ARPA-E innovative energy research funding. ARPA-E has sent millions in research dollars to Arizona, including $3 million to the battery storage start-up Fluidic, based in Scottsdale Arizona.

Martha’s ability to work with her colleagues across the aisle to get things done is what makes her a strong and effective advocate for Arizona residents.

Martha isn’t afraid to be bipartisan. She voted with Democrats and Republicans to protect $2 billion in research funding for the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which supports critical solar and wind research.

Congresswoman McSally understands that mutually beneficial legislation is far more important to the greater good of Arizona residents and the American people than petty politics. By environmental innovation, Arizona will benefit from cleaner and more efficient energy solutions. Martha is a bipartisan leader and a clean energy champion, who puts Arizona first.

ClearPath Supports Martha McSally

I’m Jay Faison, founder of ClearPath Action Fund, a clean energy organization and we support Martha McSally because she gets things done. I’ve never seen such a hard-working congresswoman do so much for clean energy and the environment in just two years. Martha cares.

She knows how our actions impact the generations of tomorrow, so she finds clean energy solutions today. She has the courage to fight through Washington gridlock because she believes it’s the right thing to do. Martha is a true clean energy champion for Arizona and for America.