National Security

Steve is driving America to energy independence

Congressman Knight is a proponent of American energy security because he knows domestic energy development strengthens our economy and national security as a result. That’s why he voted to protect the Pentagon’s ability to study the effects of a changing climate on our military to better protect our national security.

Steve recognizes that a smart approach to clean energy can boost our national security. By increasing domestic energy production, we can reduce our need for foreign energy and bolster our allies.

And Steve has advanced energy legislation that supports our veterans. He joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers to introduce the Solar Vocational Education and Training for our Servicemembers Act, which would direct the Department of Energy to implement a training program to help prepare our transitioning military personnel for careers in solar energy.

“Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and around the world. By giving specialized training in this field to our transitioning service members, we can help ensure a smooth and successful transfer to civilian life for our veterans.” —Steve Knight

Rep. Knight knows that the path toward energy security won’t be easy, but innovation is the key ingredient to getting there. That’s why he supports advancing clean energy technology, from battery storage to solar power. Congressman Steve Knight is a clean energy champion working for smarter energy policy that will make California and America more secure, today and for future generations.

ClearPath Supports Steve Knight

I’m Jay Faison, founder of ClearPath Action Fund, a clean energy organization and we support Steve Knight because he gets things done. I’ve never seen such a hard-working congressman do so much for clean energy and the environment. Steve cares.

He knows how our actions impact the generations of tomorrow, so he finds clean energy solutions today. He has the courage to fight through Washington gridlock because he believes it’s the right thing to do. Steve is a true clean energy champion for California and for America.